Why Use Subsurface Drip Irrigation?

Subsurface drip irrigation is the most effective management tool delivering water & nutrients directly to plant roots at precise time & quantity. 
1- More efficient water use, subsurface drip irrigation saves water with decreased evaporation and deep percolation.
2- Decreased groundwater contamination, subsurface drip irrigation decreases leaching of nutrients carried by over irrigation and poor uniformity.
3- Subsurface drip irrigation provides the most effective management tool delivering water and nutrients directly to the plant roots at the precise time and in the precise quantity needed.
4- Maximizes irrigated acres, subsurface drip irrigation irrigates fields from corner to corner and easily adapts to small and odd shaped parcels.
5- Optimizes plant nutrition, the nutrients carried by the irrigation water are applied directly to the plant roots.
6- Minimizes weed growth, subsurface drip irrigation produces drier soil surface and reduces weed germination.
7- Enables the use of recycled water without adverse environmental impact. Complies with environmental and public health regulations which prohibit overhead irrigation of certain crops with recycled water.


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