Basic Design Principles -- Drip Irrigation System

Commercial Drip Irrigation System
the basic framework of drip irrigation system
     Schematic design of a commercial drip irrigation system. This includes technical components such as filters, pumps and hydraulic control valves. Source: INFONET-BIOVISION (2010)

     Expensive commercial drip irrigation systems are employed in highly technical and industrial farming. The used systems are very expensive and needs expert design and maintenance (INFONET-BIOVISION 2010).
     Most large drip irrigation systems employ some type of filter to prevent clogging of the small emitter flow path by small waterborne particles. New technologies are now being offered that minimise clogging. Some residential systems are installed without additional filters since potable water is already filtered at the water treatment plant. Virtually all drip irrigation equipment manufacturers recommend that filters be employed and generally will not honour warranties unless this is done. Last line filters just before the final delivery pipe are strongly recommended in addition to any other filtration system due to fine particle settlement and accidental insertion of particles in the intermediate lines. Drip systems often mix liquid fertiliser with the irrigation water. This is called fertigation and chemigation (application of pesticides and other chemicals to periodically clean out the system) (WIKIPEDIA 2011)


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